Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yeah...I know it says it is Wonderful Wednesday, and it is actually Tuesday. A few things before I get to the feature about the amazing Aneurythm...I apologize for my tardiness in posting the winner for last week's giveaway. I have been a bit busy to say the least! As you have noticed, I am giving myself this week off when it comes to giveaway hosting lol. There will be another wonderful feature/giveaway this Friday from Beautiful Schlopp. On to the feature!

I am so happy to be introducing you to Aneurythm! Her shop is absolutely amazing. I own several of her necklaces, and have fallen in love with everything I have received. Here is what I have so far (I am sure I will have to get more!)

Pagan Gemstones Necklace with Liquid Silver (This is now my favorite necklace that I own. It is the perfect length, and goes great with almost everything I wear.)

Moss Agate, Canadian Jade with Moss Agate Focal (I got this with the intention of giving it to my Mom for Christmas, but I don't know if I will be able to part with it!)

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Natural Sapphire and Moonstone Necklace (I also got this one intending on giving it as a gift, but I know I can't part with it. The silver beads are laser cut and amazingly detailed, and the stones are beautiful.)

This is taken from the profile section on her Etsy page: Hello. I am a Native Upstate New Yorker who fled the snow in 1985 for "sunny" California. In 1997 I had a brain aneurysm that left me with some mild visuospatial impairment. I began making gemstone jewelry as a way of focusing. I found an internal rhythm to it, hence Aneurythm. My designs are very simple as you can see: from somewhat "traditional" to what I call the D2W (Dare to Wear). I only create with materials whose look and feel speaks to me. I use natural gemstones that are untreated/undyed/unheated (to my knowledge), seeds, shells, freshwater pearls, with sterling silver or gold filled beads. I sometimes call upon clear crystal or crackled glass to sing back-up in the rhythm section. The Laughing Dog avatar is Satchel the Wonder Pup who was my companion animal from 2001 to 2009

Every transaction I have completed with Aneurythm has been extremely positive. She has great communication, is fun to talk to, and ships her items with lightening fast speed. She has inspired me to start working on creating things with all of the beautiful gemstones I have collected over the years! The overall composition of her items is always stunning. Take a look at her shop; I know you will find something that speaks to you. She makes unisex items too! Here are some images of what she currently has for sale!

Happy shopping everyone!!!

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  1. The green moss one that you've bought as a gift is just gorgeous!
    It is Wednesday already in some places in the world, you can pretend you're being international :-)