Friday, June 25, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! Today I am featuring an awesome shop called AllureByU. She makes awesome nature inspired jewelry and accessories! I am in love with a few of her pieces and may have to make a future purchase! Here are some of my favorites:
Ultimate Nautical Steampunk Vintage Marine Diving Brass Helmet Necklace-Under The Sea (I love everything Steampunk, and I particularly love diving helmets! This is pure awesomeness!!!)
Three Dimensional Miniature Brass Vintage Style Marine Sailor Lamp with Antique Brass Seahorse Necklace - Ultimate Nautical Steampunk, Ocean, Ship (Another nautical this too! Very unique!)
Antique Brass Honey Bee Lariat Necklace - Lovely Filigree Flower with Yellow Pearls and Antiqued Brass Honey Bees (This is gorgeous...I love bees and I love lariats, so this is a win!)
In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop:
2. Description of what you make: I make jewelry and accessories which are mainly nature inspired.
3. Your favorite creation: I love every single piece of my own creation as they are all made with lots love and care. I want each piece to be beautiful so that its owner will feel beautiful too.
4. How you learned your craft: I got started in the designing business by accident. I got inspired by all the other crafters and artists while shopping and browsing through the internet. When I saw their creations on their websites and in their shops, I thought to myself how beautiful their creations are and how nice if I could create some of these myself. That train of thought ended with the determination to make my own beautiful creations! I learned my craft through self training, reading crafts books etc.
5. Years you have been creating: About one year.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at her will find something you love!

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