Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When I was younger, my grandpa (who has since passed away) used to make beautiful wood pieces on his lathe. They are now lovingly displayed in my parent's house. He and my grandmother also made intricate wood sculptures. I was always struck by how much he loved finding a piece of abandoned wood by the side of the road or from a friend. He truly had a gift, and was able to see the inherent beauty in the grain. I was looking through the forums the other day and found LM Wood Turned Art. It reminded me so much of my grandpa that I wanted to feature his amazing shop. From his profile:
I'm a retired Christian School Administrator who bought my wife a small lathe as a gift one year for Christmas. After dusting it off I found a new love for turning woods of all kinds. Now I create bowls, lamps etc. to sell locally in town. I love seeing the wood come to life and become something wonderful that people can enjoy as much as I enjoy working with it.
There are some truly amazing pieces in the shop, and I hope you will take a look. Here are my personal favorites.
Cedar and Reclaimed Walnut Lidded Bowl (The colors on this piece are absolutely beautiful.)

3 Candlesticks (These are made out of walnut and would be beautiful on a mantle or a dining room table for Christmas!)

Glory Bound Lidded Bowl (Another amazing piece...truly a work of art. I would love to display this.)

Please take a look at LM Wood Turned Art Today...I promise you will find something amazing!

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