Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am interested in doing some product reviews. I know this topic has caused some heated debates on Etsy, but I personally see nothing wrong with it. I have just sent some of my items for review as well, and if you have a blog too and are interested in exchanging items for reviews please let me know! Anyway, I would love to review some of your amazing products! What that means is that if you are interested, you will ship an item of your choice to me. I will evaluate it on shipping speed and packaging as well as reviewing the actual item itself. I will then post a detailed and fair review of your product including images. I will let you know as soon as it is posted, and you should get some awesome people checking out your shop!

I will still be doing my Friday's Featured Seller and Giveaway segments as well, so if you are more interested in that please check out my blog for examples. I would love to host your giveaways and feature you! I have had other sellers feature me and it is wonderful :-D

Let me know what you think about all of this! Are you interested in participating? Why or why not? I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on both the product reviews and featured seller and giveaway segments.

One last thing...please enter this week's awesome giveaway!!! You have until Friday at 12:00am.


  1. After the review, do you return the item, or is keeping the item the cost of the review, exposure ?

  2. I would keep it if I did a review (which is why I wouldn't ask to review a "big" item), but if you wanted to do a feature instead you could do a giveaway and ship it directly to the winner :-)

  3. I'd be interested in doing a review or giveaway or something. I'm still new to all this and I need the exposure. Which do you think would be most beneficial for a rookie? :)

  4. Hi Danielle! Convoed you on Etsy :-D