Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi everyone! I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Totally Tutorials Exchange Program! If you haven't heard about this AWESOME program, it basically matches up suppliers and artists. The suppliers offer supplies for free, in exchange for a tutorial using those supplies. For more information, tutorials, and chances to participate, please visit the Totally Tutorials blog!

On to the tutorial! I received some beautiful collage sheets from Etsy shop Paper Street. The selection there is awesome! It was really hard to pick which sheets I wanted!!! I decided to use the Dancer's Digital Collage Sheet to create this microscope slide pendant. I call this easy because instead of soldering it, I used a premade frame. Both ways have their advantages, but I am not an experienced solderer so I figured this would be better :-D

Dancers Digital Collage Sheet from Paper Street

2 glass microscope slides (make sure you use ones with ground edges to be safe)

Ranger Polished Chrome Memory Frame


Decide which images from the collage sheets you would like to use for the front and back of the pendant. It is much easier to get pre-sized images like Paper Street has in stock! That way you can just cut without measuring. Microscope slides are one inch wide and three inches tall.

Carefully cut out each image. If you want to draw on it, add glitter, or add other embellishments, do so now. Just keep in mind it has to stay relatively flat.

Decide if you would like to add a transparency over your image. These are a fun and quick way to add words or images to your pendant. If so, cut it out in a one inch by three inch rectangle. (You can use the image you just cut as a template.) You can choose to use transparencies on both sides, but I only added one to the front.

Position the transparency over the image to be sure it looks correct.

Grab two microscope slides. Hold them by the sides, or you will have visible fingerprints on the inside surface of the glass. Create a stack by putting the two images and transparency between the glass slides. Your stack should go in this order, from top to bottom:
Microscope slide
Transparency (facing up)
Image (facing up)
Image (facing down)
Second transparency (face down, if you used one, which I didn't here)
Microscope slide

Once you have your stack, set it aside for a moment and open the frame by sliding the tab out and pulling it open. Make sure you have it open enough to have room to manuever your slide stack into the frame.

Place the slide stack into the frame and carefully close the frame around it.

Close the tab. If you see fingerprints on the outside surface of the glass, wipe them off using a lint free cloth.

That's it! Many microscope slide pendants are soldered, but I like the fact that this version is so quick and easy. Soldering is also fun, but requires more materials, a proper setup, ventilation, and a lot of practice! This slide can still be embellished with charms, a cute chain, ribbon, and more! The possibilites are endless. I hope that this tutorial was helpful and will encourage you to visit Paper Street. I can't wait to make more slides and other pieces with the amazing collage sheets I received!


  1. Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I've just got into glass tile pendants at the moment and you've inspired me to give this a try also!

  2. Love it! So easy but beautiful results!

  3. What a great idea, matching up artists and suppliers like that! Great tutorial - your pendant is lovely!

  4. Do you have a source for the frames?

  5. Actually, found one[]=tags&includes[]=title
    best prices for the ones i saw...

  6. Where can I get transparencies and the box of glass slides? This looks like a fun and easy project. This will be on my to try list.

  7. I ordered the box of slides from an Etsy a search and you should be able to find some :-D I go the transparencies at my local craft shop, Michaels. They are usually in the scrapbooking section.

  8. I also got the frames at Michaels...though you can get them on Etsy :-D I am not sure if Michaels is nationwide...

  9. Very nice tutorial!

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