Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi everyone! I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Totally Tutorials Exchange Program! If you haven't heard about this AWESOME program, it basically matches up suppliers and artists. The suppliers offer supplies for free, in exchange for a tutorial using those supplies. For more information, tutorials, and chances to participate, please visit the Totally Tutorials blog!

On to my tutorial! I received a bag full of cool stuff from Black Sheep Beads on Etsy. I decided to use the Copper Twist Wire Connectors and the Teeny Tiny Copper Caps I received, along with some wire, ear wires, and coral colored beads to make some earrings. Please visit her shop and look at her beautiful supplies! I know that I will be a future customer.

2 Copper Twist Wire Connectors (1 for each earring)
6 Teeny Tiny Copper Caps (3 for each earring)

6 Coral colored beads (3 for each earring)

2 Copper ear wires (not pictured, 1 for each earring)
6 two inch lengths of wire (I used a copper coated base wire for mine, but you can use any sort of wire you would like, 3 for each earring)

Flat nosed pliers
Round nosed pliers
Side cutter pliers (not pictured)

Begin by creating a small spiral at the end of one of your wire pieces. Use your round nosed pliers to start it, then continue turning until the desired size is reached.

Slide a coral colored bead onto the wire. (Any small bead will work, but I love coral and copper together.)

Slide a Teeny Tiny Copper Cap onto the wire.

Create a wire wrapped loop and connect it to the copper twist wire connector.
To do this:
Bend the wire at a 45 degree angle using your flat nosed pliers.

Create a loop using your round nosed pliers.

Slide the newly created loop onto the Copper Twist Wire Connector.

Wrap underneath the bottom of the loop by holding the loop with your flat nose pliers and wrapping the short end of the wire around the long end underneath the loop. If there is extra after three wraps or so, trim it off using your side cutter pliers.

Repeat this entire process with two more wires.

Attach the Copper Twist Wire Connector (with the three wire wrapped pieces atttached to it) to a copper ear wire. Open the loop at the bottom of the ear wire carefully. Open it by twisting the loop, not pulling it apart. Then close the loop.

Repeat the entire process to create the second earring.

These finished earrings are for sale in my Etsy shop Altered Beauty. I hope that this was helpful and will inspire you to visit Black Sheep Beads Etsy shop and purchase some beautiful supplies! Thanks for the amazing products...I will shop in the future!