Thursday, September 3, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! My favorite season is upon us! I wish the weather would reflect it...where I live was in the 100s this week. I can't wait for the crispness to come into the air again. I know we don't really have seasons in California, but I can pretend we do!

While I love promoting as many people as possible, five at a time was a lot of work so I decided to do three at a time instead. I have been posting in the forums to see who wants features, and it has been hard to decide! I have seen so many amazing artists over the past few weeks! Here are the ones I selected for this week. Each shop I picked is run by jewelry artists who create pieces that are infused with spirituality and emotion.

Featured Artist Number One: Mystic Wynd

I picked this shop because within it, there are so many different items that I love! Each piece has spiritual meaning behind it, and the item descriptions are wonderfully informative! I was fortunate enough to win a beautiful Energy and Enlightenment Bookmark from this shop's blog giveaway, and I can't wait to get it! Here is a picture:

Here are my favorite items:
Tempestuous - Russian Jasper with Onyx Point Pendant (The combination of Jasper and Onyx makes this piece really lovely.)
Emerald DreamsCharm Necklace (The bird charm on here is beautiful!)
Champagne Blush Rose - Acrylic Rose Pendant with Glass Pearl and Crystal Necklace (This necklace has a beautiful vintage feel!)

In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop: You can visit my Etsy shop at
2. Description of what you make: Currently, my creations include jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches) bookmarks, and accessories like tie pins and money clips. I love working with gemstones, crystal, and a variety of other materials and metals... and I refuse to limit myself to one style, so what you will find in my shop is an eclectic assortment of style, texture, color, and themes.
3. Your favorite creation: I think my favorite creation is probably my "Memories of Eleanor" necklace. I love it for a number of reasons - it contains some beautiful upcycled vintage components, it's ultra feminine in a classic old world, victorian kind of way, and it brings back memories of a very special person in my life!
4. How you learned your craft: Most of my skills are self taught, although I've taken advantage of some seminars and classes along the way.
5. Years you have been creating: The first piece of jewelry I ever made was a string of "love beads" back when I was about 9 in the 60's...and I dabbled with it off and on ever since then until a couple of years ago when I "retired" from my "real job" due to some health concerns. Recently remarried at that point, I had the opportunity and support to explore a more fulfilling career and the concept of Mystic Wynd was born!

Featured Artist Number Two: Magickal Mama

I picked this shop because I love nature, the seasons, and the divine feminine. This shop pays beautiful tribute to all of those elements with each piece. Here are my favorite items:
Witch's Amber Triple Moon Necklace (I love the triple moon, and this piece is just stunning.)
Primordial Goddess Earrings (I love these hematite goddesses!)
Mabon Jewel Spell Kit (This would be such a wonderful gift to someone during the harvest season...I wish someone would get it for me!)

In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop:
2. Description of what you make: I make enchanted adornments inspired by nature & the seasons and the divine feminine. You'll find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, spell kits and more... all designed and created with intention and spirit.
3. Your favorite creation: So hard to choose just one (sometimes I really want to keep them all) but I really love my Mabon Jewel Spell Kit - it combines a bracelet in beautiful fall colors with a spell kit designed to celebrate the arrival of autumn. This is my favorite time of the year!
4. How you learned your craft: I'm self-taught, having been inspired by so many others fabulous artisans out there. I love putting different colors and styles together until they just feel right to me. I include the traditional crystal properties in much of my work, and love working with all the beautiful gemstones that mother nature has created.
5. Years you have been creating: I've been making jewelry since the birth of my daughter when I wanted to create a special keepsake necklace to wear during labor & birth, so nearly 8 years.

Featured Artist Number Three: Stacey Leunes Creations

I picked this shop because when it is done right, the use of wood in jewelry is amazing. The pieces in this shop definitely utilize the beauty of wood the right way, making it elegant and natural. Here are my favorite items:
Circle in the Water (There is something remarkably meditative about this piece.)
Dreamer (Everything about this is elegant and unique! Plus, amethyst is my birthstone so it holds a special place in my heart :-D)
Green Woods (Agate and ebony are a beautiful combination!)

In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop:
2. Description of what you make: I make jewelry that combines wood with glass, and gemstones. I like to work with a variety of different shapes, sizes and textures. I've just recently started working with chain and wire wrapping, which is working out great!
3. Your favorite creation: That has to be "wander" . I love the chunky style and the color combination, you definitly have to have some boldness in you to wear this one!
4. How you learned your craft: Oh I taught myself. With a lot of trial and error I honed my skill and discovered my style. However, I will be starting a goldsmithing program this fall so I hope to incorporate my current style with metals and new techniques!
5. Years you have been creating: I'm still fairly new. I've been selling for about a year and a half, but there wasn't a time that I can't remember not making some form of jewelry.

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  1. Great choices and I love Magickalmama. Embrace the Friday's full moon and this wonderful harvest season.