Friday, September 24, 2010


A few weeks ago, my husband and I found a tumor on my dog, Buddy. We were terrified that it was cancer. I posted something on the Etsy forums about it, and the response was overwhelming. The kindness that people showed me was truly amazing. One Etsy seller, Blue Shed Crafts, sent Buddy a gorgeous Knitted Dog Coat all the way to us in California from the UK! Thankfully, Buddy's surgery went very well. We ended up neutering him at the same time the tumor was removed to prevent any further issues. It took Buddy a while to heal; he isn't the type of dog who does well when forced to sit still. He ended up eating one of his stitches, but everything turned out well. Since he has been feeling so much better and the weather here is getting cooler, I wanted to post some pictures of him in his beautiful coat!!!
He loves it! It is so well made, soft, and comfy. There are three lovely wooden buttons on the side that make taking it on and off extremely easy for both of us. He is really particular about clothing; if anything is too constrictive or stiff he has a fit and tears it off of himself in seconds. He wore this all evening! If you have a chance to do so, please visit Blue Shed Crafts and look at some of the beautiful items she has available. She has a wonderful selection of Dog Coats and Poop Bags, as well as Cat Beds, Scarves and more! Here are some of my favorite items from her shop:
String of Birds Natural Tones (She has several different color combinations of these gorgeous handmade birds...I want one!)
 Witch (This is so cute for Halloween!)
Knitters Ornamental Pin/Brooch (This would be a fantastic gift for a knitter in your life! Each one is different!)
As you can see, she has some wonderful things in her shop! Take a look today!


  1. So lovely to see Buddy at last and to see him looking fit and well. He's a real cutie!
    Thank-you for such a generous write up.

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