Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, I was looking on some crafty sites today and came upon this giveaway. CraftGossip is giving one lucky person their Etsy wishlist (up to $100 value)!!! It was really hard to decide which items I would like the most, but here are the ones I selected! I decided to go with supplies, because that's what I am in desperate need of at the moment! All of the items I selected are from the Etsy Store Romazone.
1. Bezel Burnisher
2. Narrow Grooves and Circles Design Texturing Hammer
3. Liver of Sulfur Gel
4. Polished Steel Planishing Hammer
5. Plastic Shaping Mallet
6. Steel and Rubber Bench Block Set
I want to win so badly!!! I have a ton of supplies at home but don't have any of the tools I need to start working with them. If you are interested in entering this contest or just want to check out their awesome website, please visit CraftGossip at!!!

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  1. They're actually really awesome, and are giving away three 'shopping sprees'. :D