Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi everyone! I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Totally Tutorials Exchange Program several times now! If you haven't heard about this AWESOME program, it basically matches up suppliers and artists. The suppliers offer supplies for free, in exchange for a tutorial using those supplies. For more information, tutorials, and chances to participate, please visit the Totally Tutorials blog!

On to my tutorial! I received an amazing ceramic pendant and ceramic beads from Shaterra on Etsy. I decided to use them along with some textiles I had to create a necklace that reminds me of the ocean. Please visit her shop and look at her beautiful beads, pendants, and supplies! I know that I will be a future customer.

Ceramic Pendant from Shaterra

Eyelash yarn, ribbons, or other fun fibers that match the pendant
One jump ring (5mm or larger, I used silver toned)

Two ribbon crimps (I used silver toned)

One lobster clasp (I used silver toned)

One small paper clip (not pictured)
Flat nosed pliers
Round nosed pliers

Begin by deciding on a length for your necklace. Cut all of the fibers you are planning on using to the same length.

Take your paper clip and use your flat nosed pliers to create a V shape in one end. (You can also use any sort of wire that is small enough to fit through the opening to the pendant without damaging it; I just happened to have a paper clip sitting right next to me. )

Use the paper clip to grab the fibers and pull them through the opening of the pendant, creating a loop.
Pull the fibers through the loop to create a knot.
Use the paper clip to pull the fibers through each bead, placing them on either side of the pendant.

Use your flat nosed pliers to close the ribbon crimps around the ends of your fibers . Be sure each strand is firmly secured in place. You can add a drop of glue for more strength.

Attach a jump ring to one of the ribbon crimps and attach a lobster clasp to the jump ring.

This finished necklace is for sale in my Etsy store, Altered Beauty. Please visit the amazing store Shaterra and see all of the beautiful pieces she has for sale! Trust me, when you see them, you will want to make something! They inspire creativity.


  1. Ooo, never thought about the paper clip option. Great.

  2. So simple to do and turns out looking gorgeous! Thanks!

  3. Ooh that is a lovely pendant, I love the way the fibres really work with the colours in the glaze, beautiful altered beautyx

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