Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi everyone! I am excited to bring you my first product review! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to review Dannie Glam, who makes handmade jewelry, candles, purses, and more! She sent me four wonderful items to review, and some very lucky customers of mine will receive them in their promo packs!

Shipping and Packaging: Everything arrived very quickly (2 days!!!) and was well packaged. Each item was individually bagged and bubble wrapped for extra protection. I also got some business cards and a handwritten note, which is always nice :-D

Green Gummy Bear Earrings: These are adorable, and look just like glittery gummy bears for your ears. They are made out of resin, and there are high quality silver toned earring posts attached. The size is perfect. The picture doesn't do this awesome color justice! It is almost fluorescent!

Pink and Silver Gummy Bear Earrings: Like the Green Gummy Bear Earrings, these are adorable.. They are also made out of resin, with high quality silver toned earring posts attached. They are the same size as the Green Gummy Bear Earrings. The combination of pink and silver looks awesome.

Pink Star Ring: This ring is shaped like a star. It is made out of resin and has a silver toned adjustable ring attached. It also has a tiny crystal attached to the center of the star!

Candy Ring: This seriously looks like a piece of candy on your hand! It is made out of polymer clay and has a silver toned adjustable ring attached. It is so cute, and looks like it is edible! It has been sealed and is shiny and spiffy looking! I think this is a must have for a chocoholic like me.

I was impressed with Dannie's items. She clearly knows what she is doing when it comes to resin casting, and I love the bright colors she uses. I encourage you to visit Dannie Glam's shop to see all of the awesome items she has for sale! I am eying a few pieces for myself :-D

Are you interested in having a product reviewed? I would like to make this a weekly feature! Please contact me through my Etsy shop, Altered Beauty.


  1. I love the candy ring! It totally looks like a real piece of candy!

  2. Great items and a great review.
    Love the star ring!

  3. oh yeah Dannie rocks,her jewlrey is fun and full of sparkle! And she can make anything you can dream of if she can find a mold for it!!