Friday, September 18, 2009


Studio MME

I am really excited to be featuring this amazing seller. I picked this shop because her artwork is thought provoking and often beautifully dark. Plus, her descriptions are beautiful. I admit, item descriptions are a big selling point for me. When something is beautifully described, it makes the artist's passion shine through. Here are my favorite items:
The Hunter (This is so disturbing to me! I fully believe that the best kind of art is art which evokes a reaction, and this definitely does that!)

Fear's Uncloaking (I love artwork that offers new perspectives on fairy tales and old stories. This is beautiful!)

Handmade 1970's Italy Envelopes (That's right, she makes beautiful envelopes too!!!)

In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop:
2. Description of what you make: I'm primarily a pen and ink artist who illustrates fairy tales and Victorian stories of my own imagination. In addition, I make the occasional set of envelopes created from children's books and some really unique notebooks.
3. Your favorite creation: At this moment, my favorite creation is my Fear's Uncloaking print, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.
4. How you learned your craft: My father used to oil paint when I was little so I'm sure I inherited my talent partially from him. Over the years, I've honed my skills through public school art classes and now a near-complete degree in studio art from Minnesota State University Moorhead.
5. Years you have been creating: Let's see...I'm 22, so subtract 3 to be safe.
6. What item are you giving away? The item I would like to give away is this small, 5" x 7" print entitled, "Lover of a Star," inspired by the Neil Gaiman novel, "Stardust". Printed by a high-quality Epson printer with archival ink on 100% cotton rag, archival safe paper, the image will measure 4" x 6" to allow for easy framing. Value is $15.00. The print is unsigned and unnumbered.
Lover of a Star Print

In order to win this amazing prize, you must do the following things.
  • Become a follower of this blog (not anonymously)
  • Visit Studio MME's Etsy shop
  • Come back here and post which item is your favorite (please post a link) and your email address so that I can contact you if you win
For extra entries you can do any or all of the following things.
  • Tweet about this giveaway. Post the link in a separate comment here (1 extra entry)
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  • Make a purchase from either Studio MME or Altered Beauty and post the transaction link here (5 extra entries per purchase)
That's it! I will randomly select a winner next Friday at 12:00AM. If you win, I will contact you via the email address you provide in your comment. Thanks so much for participating and learning more about Studio MME's amazing work!



    That's by far my favorite.

    peppersapothecary at gmail

  2. I love the Italy envelopes you featured in the blog post...oh, to live in Italy!!!

  3. I love studiomme

    Being a fan of fairy tales, Fear's Uncloaking is my favorite:
    or twitter @helenapuck

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  5. Thanks for letting us know about this artist -- very nice work. I think my favorite is Garden of Lost Souls...

    Very thought-provoking and makes me wonder what they're thinking as they're traveling in the maze.

    Forgot to add my info before (LOL), so I re-posted! or

  6. Beautiful artwork. I really love fairy tales.

  7. wooow, great art! must be time consuming but good.

  8. My favourite item would be "Fear's Uncloaking 2"...which to me is even more creepy than the original/first "Fear Uncloaking"

    And I'm following the AlteredBeauty blog =)

  9. I've loved Studio MME's prints for awhile! But as a children's librarian, these envelopes had me at hello:

    I LOVE that book! It was a fave with my students!

    makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com

  10. Unique and wonderful art prints!
    One of my favorites is Wallflower Yellow Wallpaper Print

  11. I follow this blog
    I like Red River Print

  12. I love the Fear's Uncloaking print.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  13. Tweeted.

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  14. I blogged.

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  15. I blogged.

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  16. I blogged.

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  17. I just became a follower of your blog.
    My favourite item is the Denim Pocket Pocketbook at

  18. I think the hunter is also my favorite
    I am bluedogrose on etsy.

  19. I really love "Fear's Uncloaking"
    So beautiful!
    I am jessicaleighjohnson on etsy

  20. How nice!!!!
    There are many favorites...but right now..."Fear's Uncloaking" speaks to me.

    I am cynthias57(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. What a great artist. My favorite is "Fear's Uncloaking"

  22. I am now following, and my favorite print is The Ornithologist's Wife. My sister is an Ornithologist! I am amazed at the detial in these drawings, crosshatching takes such time.
    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful print.
    lilygreig at gmail dot com