Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi everyone! I have decided to feature one seller at a time from now on. Additionally, I will try to offer giveaways as often as possible when the sellers are generous enough to do so. I have found these sellers through the forums on Etsy. If you are a member of Etsy, I can't stress what a wonderful resource the forums are. They have allowed me to become familiar with some amazing artists. I recommend spending time on there if you don't already do so. On to the featured seller and giveaway!

Andrew's Reclaimed

I picked this shop because I love the fact that his items are made using recycled wood. Many of his items are dedicated to housing animals such as bats and bees that are beneficial to your garden. Plus, my Grandpa loved working with recycled has a special place in my heart. Here are my favorite items:
Bat House Size 1, Clear Grade Reclaimed Wood (I would love to have this in my yard!)

Elevated Dog Feeder, 2 Bowl, Butcher Block and Stainless Steel, Medium-Small (This is beautiful! My dog Buddy would love it :-D)

Cedar Garden Arbor, Rustic Stunning Wedding Arch (This is so amazing! I would LOVE to have this in my yard too!)

In the artist's own words...
1. The address of your Etsy shop:
2. Description of what you make: Recycled wood home and garden gifts, from the decorative, to the most utilitarian, I a build a growing variety of items for a wide variety of needs.
3. Your favorite creation: My mason bee blocks are my favorite. I feel so good, knowing that the nest blocks I build are helping people to grow more food for themselves.
4. How you learned your craft: Well, that's a long story! It all started with my Papa, of course. I enjoyed learning how he built things for the house. He is a fantastic craftsman with a knack for precision, fixturing, and finishing. The smell of freshly sawn wood always reminds me of home. I learned much of what I know about woodworking from him, then took a different slant, added recycled wood material, and found a passion for what I do. Some of my craft has developed from our need to sustain ourselves.
5. Years you have been creating: Since High School, really. I began with sculpture in a variety of media. The recycled wood hobby began several years ago, but it has only been since November last year that it has began to pick up momentum, when I began advertising my work on Etsy. It's a labor of love, for me. It's something I will always do, I'm sure.
6. What item are you giving away? My Mason Bee Block Size 2. I feel like I will be getting back much more than I give here. May every tunnel be filled to the brim with pollinating potential for one of your readers. May it bring them more food, and to me more joy, knowing I made a difference for someone.
Mason Bee House Size 2

In order to win this amazing prize, you must do the following things.
  • Become a follower of this blog (not anonymously)
  • Visit Andrew's Reclaimed Etsy shop
  • Come back here and post which item is your favorite (please post a link) and your email address so that I can contact you if you win
That's it! I will randomly select a winner next Friday. (I must admit I am jealous!!! If this were not my blog I would SO be entering for this!) If you win, I will contact you via the email address you provide in your comment. Thanks so much for participating and learning more about Andrew's Reclaimed amazing work!


  1. I love the cedar garden arbor!
    I can be contacted at

  2. His shop is so cool, isn't it? I live in an apartment, so can't really use most of his stuff, but I love his philosophy and his product. Great feature.

  3. I am already a follow of this great blog,

  4. This is simple beautiful,I love it...It is so my style,

  5. What a unique shop with tons of useful items. But I am a bee fan at heart - so have to go with a bee item.

  6. Elevated Dog Feeder, 2 Bowl, Butcher Block and Stainless Steel, Medium-Small is so cool

  7. I had a hard time deciding between this feeder:
    and this trellis:

  8. Hi,
    Love all his work (we just bought a bat house from him!!) and if we were closer geographically, I would definitely pick up this beautiful trellis:

    ... the photo is wonderful as well!

    jen DOT s DOT chandler AT gmail DOT Com

  9. and I follow this blog now!

    jen DOT s DOT chandler AT gmail DOT com


  10. I'm a follower.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  11. I love the Herb Planter Box Size 1, Minimalist, Reclaimed Cedar Wood.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  12. I love the bat house!

    Just wish I could figure out how to get them to live there!! LOL

    I'm already following:)

  13. omigosh - I'd love to win!
    And what a fabulous store! My favorites are probably the planter boxes: but it's so hard to choose!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. My favorite is Decorative Shelf, Recycled Wood, Hand Painted Black
    All things are so good!
    egateris at gmail dot com

  15. I'm following your blog.


  16. My favorite item is the Oriole Jelly Feeder, Beautiful Re-Milled Yellow Cypress Wood


  17. Wow, that Wedding Arch is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, def. my fave. =)

  18. What a super prize to win! I am following you with sharonkaydesigns. Thanks for the chance to win! I think these are so nice for dogs

  19. This is my favorite.

  20. Oh amazing a bee keeping block!

    I love this:

  21. I've loved Andrew's shop for sometime now.
    I love almost everything. Expecially the Bat house

  22. Hi!
    Love so many things. Okay so i'm now a follower, my fave item is the pair of elevated dog feeder


  23. I love his shop. My favorite is this cute herb planter
    I am bluedogrose on etsy. :0