Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi everyone! I know I usually feature sellers on Fridays but every so often I find someone in the forums on Etsy that I want to feature immediately. I have admired this shop's beautiful lampwork before...lampwork is a skill I would LOVE to learn. I have nothing but admiration for the wonderful artists out there like Cat's Paw Artifacts who create such amazing works of art on such a small scale. Here are my favorite items from Cat's Paw Artifacts!
Granny Good Witch lampwork pendant (This is so cute for Halloween...I love it!)

Lampwork silvered lentils with fine silver charm/pendant (These beads are just beautiful! I love the charm too. This would make a beautiful necklace!!!)

Lampwork Tabby Cat Bead (The face on this little guy is adorable!)

Visit Cat's Paw Artifacts today to look at beautiful jewelry and lampwork beads!


  1. Gorgeous lentils! And the kitty is adorable.

  2. Congrats m'dear! You've won my giveaway! :) Please email me at sassmowths_art at yahoo dot ca with your address. I've written a blog about you being the winner - and posted the pic you chose - so if you could confirm your pic choice in the email that would be great!
    Thanks so much for entering!
    Kat @ SassmowthDesigns

  3. Gorgeous little works of art here!