Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am curious as to what specifically catches your eye in a blog. For me, I am more likely to view blogs that include images, information about promotions/freebies, and informative/how to posts. What are you looking for?

Keep an eye out in the next week or so because I am thinking about doing a giveaway.


  1. I like those that have freebies, contests, and pictures as well. I've come across some that seem like they are writing a book and if it takes me more than a few minutes to read, I usually leave their blog. I have to keep reminding myself of what I don't like as I have just started my own blog!

  2. contest, and photos! and when someone speaks naturally, like they are talking to you in a conversation! :)

  3. I definitely like beautiful pictures especially beautiful things people make...especially when its like a magazine. Also colors...lots of colors..if you go to my blog you will notice that...I love things about and 2 fav blogs are Frolic and Saipua