Sunday, July 26, 2009


So yeah, I am a little bit late lol. My husband and I are planning a vacation beginning tomorrow, he just dropped off some of his art at Comic-Con on Friday (the pieces were being featured at both the William Stout Booth and the Dark Horse Comics booth), and I just made my first international sale today! Woo hoo! We have been a little bit busy, to say the least. Oh, and I worked all weekend. (I work full time at a nonprofit.)

On to my featured seller! When I first saw her pieces, I fell in love IMMEDIATELY. I love koi and all things koi related, such as koi ponds. She makes different types of items, but my favorites are the koi pond pendants and jewelry boxes. I love the colors she uses in her work as well. Look!

Please have a look at her Etsy will love her work!


  1. I love the pendant in the pic. if etsy wasnt down I would head over there right now to check out her shop!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature! The photo you used is actually my favorite one- don't tell the other koi though! ;)

  3. VERY pretty! You do amazing work. At first, I thought it was glass with those bright and lively colors. Wow!